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Turning the tables on internal comms

As with many people, I have found that the novelty of lockdown work Zoom calls has worn off now. Oh my, how well we have all done finding the energy to commit to our faces being splashed across a screen for others to peer at; our mannerisms, facial expressions and interruptions all closely observed by our colleagues.

However, videoconferencing calls did the job of connecting us and allowing us to continue to communicate during lockdown, alongside the provision of Teams and Facetime, email and messaging apps, and every other chosen method of communication. Technology surely came into its own as we initially stumbled our way through the important business of communication during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, it might be worth considering that many of us were in fact more available, and there was no way of hiding, because technology allowed us to be ‘present’ 24/7 if needed.

So it may be time to pause and reflect on how very important the continuation of internal communications is during a time of crisis for all businesses, and to that end, how it highlights how crucial it is for employees at all times to enable a business to keep functioning. There are key messages, HR messages, safety messages, new-ways-of-working messages, business continuity messages… the list really does go on! Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but if handled correctly it works brilliantly.

As a remote worker at Kava, I have been thoroughly impressed by the internal communications drive to keep colleagues engaged on both a work and personal level before, during and as we entertain the idea of coming out of, lockdown. 

The matter of business continuity and client project management has been handled professionally and sensitively, with our MD taking into account each member of staff’s personal circumstances and client needs. Equally, the wellbeing of colleagues was a major factor in the communications, with the use of the Teams app giving a real support network with the sharing of stories, jokes, inspirational quotes and motivational tools for keeping going as well as a daily virtual ‘tea break’.

What this experience has proved, beyond doubt, is what all communications professionals already knew – that communication is powerful and essential, and that human interaction is key. The Kava strategy has been the perfect mix of business intent and human interest, and this has meant that the business and the team have thrived.

As communications professionals, we manage crises, develop comms strategies and execute communications plans for our clients all the time and now we’ve had to prove we can do it for ourselves, bringing the best to our internal communications. I can categorically say that Kava got it spot on with their communications, and I feel invigorated for the next steps as we progress with clients and work plans towards the new opportunities that the crisis has presented. A multitude of complex communications challenges lies ahead, but this comms team continues to meet them all head on.