Tech sector start-up to blue chip acquisition


Branding and corporate identity
Graphic design and creative direction
Print and digital comms collateral
Website UX, design, build and SEO



The brief

In 2015 we were approached by fledgling silicon software company UltraSoC to engage in its positioning, branding and online presence. The newly appointed CEO wanted to “hit the ground running” and build on the massive potential of this innovative software and IP business.

The strategy

Start-ups have limited budgets but we understood what this company was about from the start thanks to a clear briefing so we very efficiently helped build the brand. We started off with some precise positioning points which informed the approach to the logo design and overall look & feel appropriate to the market space. By keeping it simple we established the foundations for a brand that could grow as the business grew.

Corporate identity
Event graphics
Responsive website design and build
PowerPoint animation

The results

We helped UltraSoC focus its position in its marketplace and the clever visual branding gave the company an uplift in its visibility, providing a contemporary look & feel which sat well in the silicon vendor ecosystem. This market moves at pace and the company grew rapidly, gaining traction with the investment community to fulfil its ambitious roadmap, forging strong partnerships along the way. The simplicity of the branding and subsequent collateral across presentation and event material, online and case studies, stood the test of time, worked universally and was instantly recognisable. We were on hand to support any branding, design or web development requirements over the years. UltraSoC was acquired by Mentor-Siemens in H2 2020 and we have also supported the transition to the parent brand.



The creation of a strong brand and agile marketing automation infrastructure was a key element in the growth of UltraSoC, our tangible success in the market and our subsequent acquisition by Mentor-Siemens.

One of the first calls I made as new CEO was to KAVA to kickstart our marketing – which they have done admirably for five years. From an initial strategy workshop, through brand planning, company launch, website design (and subsequent redesigns), collateral design and more they have been a key part of the UltraSoC team and a contributor to our successes.
Marketing Director