Ramping up the visibility of a technology disrupter


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The brief

Our mission here was to build a strong brand, visual identity and online presence for a technology innovator and market disrupter. In the development of the brand, it was essential that the complex ideas underpinning the technology were crafted into accessible messages and aligned to commercial imperatives.

The strategy

One of the strategic elements was to make a complex idea accessible, as is always a priority with technology clients. We needed to demonstrate our client is easy to do business with. This means making it easy for potential customers to understand what our clients are selling (in the broadest sense), why it’s better than anything else on offer and how it will improve their lives/businesses. This is what we did for Keima, a genuinely innovative firm that has produced software to enable mobile operators to build better networks, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our overriding strategy was to strip back complexity to uncover the value that Keima delivers to its customers. This approach flowed through to the visual elements, with the focus on strength, simplicity and impact.

Keima before and after logo design
Keima letterhead design
Keima business card design
Keima website design and build

The results

We have helped evolve a brand that has the potential to transform how mobile operators build networks, using principles that the industry trusts and understands.

The most obvious manifestation is the visual identity. We were careful to retain elements of the legacy branding, with its roots in Japanese chess equivalent shogi, while emphasising the the precision and cutting edge technologies underpinning the technology.

We’ve ensured that the focus of messaging is firmly on what the products can do for the customer. This is why Keima’s messaging leads with customer benefits and it is now supported by a simple and striking visual identity that works well online and also at the many trade show and conferences our client attends.

We worked hard to ensure Keima’s messaging was simple and highly targeted. It has three specific types of customer and now has clear value propositions for each group.


It takes time and a good deal of thought to take something technical and complex and make it so easy to understand that its value is clear to all.


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