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Marketing as a concierge service

Imagine the marketing equivalent of having all your travel arrangements, car servicing and tickets for a major sports fixture magically sorted for you. A personal, tailored service that makes your life easier and gives you the time and space to think about the bigger picture.

Whether start-up or old hand with enterprise, business leaders and entrepreneurs have enough on their plate dealing with numerous aspects of their ventures. Are you a CEO with overwhelming time pressures? Have you invented the solution to one of the world’s biggest problems and need a marketing strategy that works in your interests? Are you a sales & marketing director with a team stretched too thinly to realise your ambitions?

Perhaps as a company you are planning to refresh your branding, or you have a new product or service to launch, or you want to engineer your social media to attract new leads or enhance your profile.

At Kava we take away the marketing and PR burden from executives who need to focus on their companies while we bolster their business strategies, crystallise messaging and branding, help develop long term plans for growth or acquisition, plan and produce campaigns and collateral, manage events and sponsorship and even fend off the competition.

We’re with you all the way, continuously revisiting communications plans and steering your business marketing, liaising regularly and acting as a remote team. We fully embed ourselves in your world, learning all there is to know about how your industry works, the best media, the best trade shows, the best markets. We’re trustworthy, reliable and effective at what we do – unlocking the potential of your business.

Get in touch if you need to free up your time for growth in 2017.