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Looking ahead

Friday 17 January is (officially) ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day’, but instead of focusing on a negative concept, we thought we’d publish a blog reflecting on 2019 and outlining some of the highlights we anticipate in 2020. Social media has pretty much quietened down now talking about New Year’s Resolutions; many may already have been broken, but hopefully some readers are managing to stick to theirs.

So, looking back at 2019, there have been a lot of successes achieved and milestones hit for Kava and our team and it’s clear that there is a lot more to come in 2020, so watch this space. But first, we want to take a moment to reflect on 2019.

On a corporate level, we increased our turnover by 33% and grew the team in key areas such as marcomms, design and sponsorship management. We also won new clients and completed some fantastic projects over the course of the year that we’re rightly proud of.

We worked on the communications for Action on ACEs Gloucestershire, designing and building the website, organising a number of workshops and seminars as well as the 2019 Conference, all of which were very well received.

For one client we achieved (and sustained) an open rate for their monthly e-newsletter of more than 30% while also consistently increasing web traffic month-on-month and year-on-year while growing their social media following. We also supported them with a number of partnerships, culminating in the preparation and download of industry-leading reports on a number of different topics that they specialise in.

We organised an international conference in less than six weeks after the previous organisers dropped out – and received truly fantastic feedback that rated it as the best event of the series to date. Off the back of that success we are now in full-swing organising the 2020 event, albeit with a lot more time on our hands, and dreams of even greater things from it.

And there were dozens of other success stories throughout the year delivered by our highly-skilled team which we hope to replicate on an even bigger scale throughout 2020.

Looking at the year ahead, Kava will be marking its twentieth birthday, so there will certainly be some celebrations planned for that occasion – watch this space for more details. On an individual level, there are a number of great things in the offing that recognise the expertise that we have in house. I will be a judge for the Chartered Institute of PR (CIPR) Excellence Awards, one of our team will be leading a module for second year students at the University of Gloucestershire (more on that next week…) and numerous other members of the team are working on their own professional development which means we can bring even more skills and expertise to our clients’ work over the coming year.

So it looks like 2020 is going to be a busy year with lots to celebrate!

Want us to help you achieve your objectives for start of a new decade? Get in touch and find out how we can help; maybe you need a new website, some support designing and producing marketing collateral, or want to increase your media profile and social media following.

Whatever you need to achieve, Kava can help. Drop us an email at and let’s kick 2020 off in style!