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Getting creative over a cuppa

Kava has its roots in a South Pacific plant used to create a ceremonial beverage – but at Kava HQ we’re a bunch of tea drinkers, in the main. Some of us are big tea drinkers!

There’s much debate as to whether tea and coffee are good or bad for our health, whether one is ‘better’ than the other and whether including milk enhances or reduces the benefits.

Interestingly, a study at the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that tea can be as beneficial in rehydrating you as water, plus it has the added bonus of providing you with antioxidants.

So if you add milk, does that mean you get a calcium boost, too? Maybe.

The sciencey bit…

Tea contains polyphenols – molecules with strong anti-aging qualities. Also caffeine known for its ‘wake-up’ properties and a special amino acid – L-theanine.

The combination of these three ingredients makes tea a unique drink with just a few of the reported benefits of consumption being:

  • greater ability to multi-task;
  • increased speed of perception;
  • improved learning ability and enhanced concentration.

Throw in the antioxidant qualities of tea and you have the potential benefits of decreased risk of heart attacks and lower cholesterol levels, too.

There are a myriad different types of tea available, many with herbal elements thought to remedy a multitude of ailments, supporting the knowledge that tea really is a special brew.

And the really great news is that it seems the more you drink, the greater the benefits!

Tea plays an important role in daily life at Kava. At team briefings, project meetings and Monday morning catch-ups, many a mug gets hugged. Not only do we benefit from the health and cognitive properties of tea, we benefit from the knowledge that tea drinkers are very sociable – it’s a caring thing to know how your colleagues take their tea.

Whether you’re a tea aficionado, a coffee enthusiast or have a passion for a glass of H2O, you’re welcome to join us at any time. The kettle’s on and there may even be an accompanying chocolate biscuit, piece of shortbread, or if we’re really lucky, a slice of Angela’s award-winning lemon drizzle cake…