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Droning on

My fascination with drone photography isn’t really surprising to anyone who knows me as it combines two of my passions – photography and technology.

There’s something about the photos you can capture when using a drone; angles you wouldn’t usually see or even just getting a different perspective on something. Being able to see things from an unusual angle can really change your view of something. I’ve always loved photography and am looking forward to upgrading my drone and using it to capture some more amazing shots. 

My favourite memory of drone photography was when I was flying it in Norway. I remember the weather was very cold, so the batteries were draining really quickly, which added a complication – having to navigate and find a subject to shoot and capture the perfect image before the batteries needed replacing. The urgency of the situation meant that I had to really focus (pun intended) on the job in hand before the batteries gave out. 

The challenge of capturing the perfect image when you don’t have the luxury of time gave me a real sense of accomplishment.