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Colour inspiration

Lovely, lime green – this is one of my favourite colours as evidenced by my array of exercise paraphernalia. 

A creature of habit I always end up choosing this colour – ah, zesty, fresh lime green! I am like a homing pigeon with this colour – always coming back to it. The laburnum in my garden was selected by me with very little thought given to any other blossom colour potential. 

The tree reminds me of my pre-lockdown Saturday morning bootcamps on Minchinhampton Common – bigger trees to run around but nowhere near as pretty as this one.

The colour gets under my skin – bright, sunny and cheerful. It’s a showerburst of a colour driving me on to greater fitness and flexibility. 

KBO* – nothing ventured, nothing gained – but just trust I haven’t left it too late!?

*KBO – Winston Churchill “Keep buggering on!”