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ACEs Gloucestershire

The brief

To deliver a programme of communications which raises awareness of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), their potential to damage health across the life course and the roles that different agencies in Gloucestershire can play in preventing ACEs and supporting those affected by them.

The strategy

ACEs have an impact on lives globally at huge socio-economic cost. The approach generally adopted in communicating ACEs is to focus on the impact and work to solicit sympathy for ‘victims’. We felt this inappropriate – both in terms of campaign efficacy and also how our clients approached their work. Counter-intuitively, perhaps, we wanted this campaign to be inspirational: to focus on resilience and the self-determination that can prosper with understanding and support. It was important that, in communicating the implications of ACEs, individuals were not reduced to the sum of their negative experiences. This is why we developed the More than ACEs message and visuals to sit at the heart of the campaign.

More than ACEs campaign motif
ACEs Gloucestershire More than ACEs conference graphic recording
Action on ACEs conference eshot
More than ACEs conference social media engagement

The results

This was a two-year engagement that was important to colleagues from a personal as well as business perspective. Promoting an understanding of adverse childhood experiences and developing a framework for individual and community resilience are important objectives that we wanted to support with a strong brand and outstanding communications.

By every measure this was a successful campaign. The strength of the brand itself is reflected in its take-up and application by the dozens of agencies and organisations that have been drawn to the initiative.

One of the explicit demands of our brief was that the campaign should be organic and viral rather than top down. We crafted the brand, collateral and messaging and put them out there for organisations to employ as they saw fit. They have been effective and durable, regardless of application or channel.

This is a campaign that has brought together individuals and organisations to work to common purpose across multiple sectors and at hugely successful events that we were privileged to be a part of.

The Action on ACEs campaign employed multiple channels and skillsets from right across our business and the outcomes represent some of the very best of what we do.

We sincerely hope the initiative continues to deliver positive results for individuals and communities.


This county-wide awareness campaign aligned the objectives of multiple public sector agencies and mobilised numerous beneficial initiatives by groups from grassroots to local authority and is being imitated in other regions.


Brand embraced by multiple public sector agency stakeholders
Cross channel campaign securing excellent engagement
Campaign model replicated in other regions
You guys were never awkward but instead were all round amazing and added a much needed and much valued extra dimension to this project. With all sincerity we can say it would never have happened without you.
ACEs Gloucestershire Strategic Plan – copywriting, design and print management
ACEs Gloucestershire Strategic Plan – copywriting, design and print management
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