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Musgrave Graduates

The brief

To create an online platform that reflects the strength and depth of the client’s graduate programme and how that programme aligns with its people brand.

The strategy

We agreed three main areas of focus with the client. The first was the graduate programme itself. This is an outstanding in-depth programme that genuinely changes the lives of people with the ambition and talent to seize the opportunities it offers. So online we laid out the graduate programme journey in compelling detail. The second area of focus was the graduates themselves: They are its most potent ambassadors. We conducted a series of relaxed and often candid video interviews which communicate not just the quality of the graduate experience, but a real taste of the company and its culture. The third leg of our strategy was to emphasise the values that lie behind that business and culture. Time and again the current graduates we spoke to called out Musgrave’s strong track record in sustainability and its commitment to local Irish suppliers, businesses and communities.  

Musgrave Graduates responsive mobile site
Musgrave Graduates website and application portal
Musgrave Graduates brochure
Musgrave Graduates journey videos

The results

We loved this project. Not only was there rich content to work with but the client had a clear agenda and a partnership approach to delivering on its objectives. And when the site went live, the ROI was very easy to measure because the application process is time limited. Applications more than doubled. Applications in highly competitive sectors saw a very significant uptick (more than 80 per cent in one case). And the quality of applications improved, with more than a quarter more applicants making it to the video interview stage. Oh… and the site won a sector best award in Ireland.


Silver for best graduate recruitment website in GradIreland Awards

125% increase in applicants 2017-2019
More than 400 applicants for a post solely advertised on site
Applicant calibre increased – 23% more applicants made it to video interview stage
A massive thanks to you all in the dream team for your work on the graduate collateral of stands, website and booklets. You’ve done an amazing job and I’m really excited to see it come to life. I know this has been a hectic few weeks and I wanted to let you know your efforts are always appreciated! Just wanted to let you know how last night went. We won a silver award for the website! Thank you all for your work on this over the past two years and I’m thrilled with this result.
Graduate programme recruitment brochure
Graduate fair stand
Graduate fair stand
Infographic describing the business